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Author: Carol Jones

Published: June 10, 2024

LoLdle is a daily dose of League of Legends trivia. So, calling all League of Legends enthusiasts! If you enjoy testing your knowledge of the champions in Riot Games’ popular MOBA, then LoLdle answers is the perfect game for you. It’s a daily word guessing game with a twist – instead of words, you’re trying to guess a champion!

Here’s what makes LoLdle exciting

Daily Challenge: Every day, there’s a new champion to guess. Everyone playing that day has the same champion, making it a global competition for LoL knowledge.

How to play this?

  1. Head over to the LoLdle website or open the Loldle app.
  1. You’ll be presented with a blank guess field.
  1. Simply type in the name of a champion you think might be the mystery champion for that day.
  1. Hit enter and LoLdle will reveal a set of colored boxes.

Green: This means your guess property (like champion class or resource type) exactly matches the mystery champion.

Orange: There’s a partial match. For example, if you guessed a mage champion but the mystery champion is a marksman, some properties might overlap (like ranged champion).

Red: No match between your guess and the mystery champion’s property. Use the color clues to refine your next guess and keep trying until you identify the correct champion. You have a limited number of guesses to solve the daily challenge.

Multiple Difficulty Modes:  Don’t worry if you’re new to the game. LoLdle Answers offers various difficulty modes to cater to your expertise.

  • Classic: This mode provides clues after each guess, including the champion’s role, species, region, gender, and release date.
  • Quote: Got a knack for remembering iconic champion lines? Use this mode to guess the champion based on a snippet of their in-game quote.
  • Ability: Match wits with the champion’s abilities! This mode presents a spell icon to help you narrow down your guess.
  • Emoji: LoLdle throws a set of emojis your way. Can you decipher the cryptic message and identify the champion?
  • Splash: Think you’ve seen all the champion splash arts? This mode gives you a glimpse of a champion’s splash art, challenging you to guess them based on that partial view.

Unlimited Play: Want more than one champion to guess a day? LoLdle Answers offers an “Unlimited” mode where you can keep guessing champions as many times as you like.

How to play this mode?

  1. Go to the LoLdle website and click on “Unlimited” at the top.
  2. Similar to the Daily Challenge, guess a champion’s name by typing it in the field.
  3. LoLdle will provide the same color-coded clues based on champion properties.
  4. Unlike the Daily Challenge, you can keep guessing champions for as long as you want in this mode.

Tips for Playing

Start with a champion that has a unique characteristic or narrows down possibilities (e.g., champions with a specific resource type like mana or energy). Use the process of elimination effectively. For example, if a champion property is ranged and green, you can eliminate all melee champions from your next guess. In Classic mode, pay attention to the arrows displayed next to some colored boxes.

These indicate if the property value of the mystery champion is higher or lower than your guess (e.g., an upward arrow next to a green “Release Year” box means the mystery champion was released after your guess). With a little practice and these strategies, you’ll be a LoLdle answers master in no time!

Global Community: LoLdle lets you join thousands of League of Legends players worldwide in a daily battle of wits. So, if you’re looking for a fun way to sharpen your LoL knowledge or challenge yourself with some LoL trivia, be sure to check out LoLdle! You can play it on their website or through their mobile app.

Who created it?

Reddit user Pimeko wrote about the Wordle-based game called LoLdle, which was created for League of Legends fans, on the League of Legends subreddit. The message said, “Hey guys! I just developed, a web game where you have to guess one champion per day, and everyone has the same!”

Though it has four modes to test players’ knowledge of League of Legends and its vast universe, LoLdle answers has undoubtedly taken inspiration from Wordle. The developer added, “Inspired by the famous Wordle game, simply type in the name of the champion, and it will show you the champion’s properties like gender, positions, species, …. to help you get closer to the answer!”

As per the LoLdle website, the game draws inspiration from various sources such as Wordle, Tusmo, Worldle, Cemantix, and Commander Codex. The League of Legends fandom provides all the data utilized in the game.

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