UK General Election 2024 – Historic win for Labour as Rishi Sunak Faces Defeat

UK General Election


Author: azura Everhart

Published: July 5, 2024

On Friday, the United Kingdom had political upheaval. The 2024 UK general election marked the start of a new Labour government. The Labour Party, led by Keir Starmer, won a landslide. It ended 14 years of turbulent Conservative rule and marked a big shift in the country’s politics.

On July 4, 2024, The United Kingdom Witnessed a Parliamentary Election

The UK General Election was called suddenly by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in May. It gave a clear mandate for change. The Labour Party passed the critical barrier of 326 seats needed for a majority in the House of Commons. The results flowed in. It became clear that the Conservatives had suffered a historic setback. They lost dozens of seats and greatly reduced their total in Parliament. Starmer is a veteran lawyer.

He was the director of the Crown Prosecution Service. He will be Britain’s next prime minister. In his victory address, he said that the nation “gets its future back”. He promised to bring the change that the British people had voted for. Starmer’s Labour will win by a lot. They’ll have a clear mandate to do their program and set the country’s course for the next three years.

A YouGov Survey Revealed Opinions on The Best And Worst Election Campaigns

  • Conservative Party: 38%
  • Labour Party: 8%
  • Liberal Democrats: 6%
  • Reform UK: 9%
  • SNP: 2%
  • Plaid Cymru: 1%
  • Green Party: 2%
  • None of them: 8%
  • Don’t know: 26%

Labour Party’s win marks a resurgence after internal and electoral setbacks. Starmer became the party’s leader in 2020. People have praised him for uniting the party. They also praised him for offering a compelling agenda that resonated with people. His focus on change and a more moderate approach seem to have resonated with the British people. They have grown tired of the Conservative government’s turbulent term.

The Conservative Party, Led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Heading Toward Their Worst Defeat in 14 years

Meanwhile, the Conservatives, headed by Sunak, were soundly defeated in the UK General Election. Sunak tried to stabilize the economy and manage living costs. But, the party failed to persuade voters to give it another term. The extent of the Conservative loss became clear early in the vote count. Many cabinet members lost their seats. Several notable resignations occurred. They included Education Secretary Gillian Keegan. They also included Justice Secretary Alex Chalk and Defence Secretary Grant Shapps.

Key Moments And Reactions 

The UK General Election night was packed with dramatic moments as the results came in. One of the first signs of a Labour victory occurred when the party won the seat of Islington North. Jeremy Corbyn ran as an independent. This set the tone for the remainder of the night, as Labour made gains across the nation. As the Labour Party’s win became certain, responses poured in from all over the political spectrum and the globe.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is a fellow Labour leader. He congratulated Starmer on his “resounding election victory”. He said he is willing to collaborate. Albanese’s statement emphasized the election’s importance. It will define the UK’s ties with its allies. Ruth Davison is the Scottish Conservative Party leader. She branded the exit poll forecast of her party’s historic loss as a “massacre.”” Despite the bleak outlook, she found a faint silver lining. The findings were not as bad as she had expected. Nonetheless, the Conservatives face a tough challenge. They must rebuild and reorganize after this resounding defeat.

Winning Party Needed to Secure at least 326 Seats Out of The UK’s 650 Constituencies For Parliamentary Majority

Furthermore, this UK General Election saw victories for minor parties and independent candidates. Nigel Farage leads Reform UK, a rebranded version of the Brexit Party. He won a seat in Parliament after eight tries. Farage said that his party’s win was a “revolt against the establishment.” They won an astounding 13 seats. This was the first time a far-right party in Britain has done so.

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